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Video: The new Pokemon anime looks set to reveal Ash and Pikachu’s back story


The very first trailer for the brand new upcoming Pokemon anime series has made its debut today and it has certainly got fans talking. The trailer, which is in Japanese, seems to be showing flashbacks of Ash and Pikachu leading people to believe it could be a full-on reboot of the series focussing on Ash’s backstory with Pikachu. Take a watch below and presumably we shall know more once the English trailer makes it debut.


  1. “This is the seventh week in a row you’ve shown Ash’s backstory in class”

    But seriously, it looks great besides the rival. I dislike their design.

      1. Well, I’m over exaggerating by saying always. A fair amount, including I think two movies?

    1. I can only recall three flashbacks

      Silver Conference – Ash and Gary once caught a Pokeball while fishing.
      Candid Camerupt – Ash remembers a Blockhead Clefairy cartoon in theaters. Gary was also there.
      X & Y – Ash once saved Serena while they were at camp.

    1. Maybe now we can know the truth about his father. His father was mentioned before in another generation but I forgot witch generation is it. Do you think they will reveal his father in his backstory.

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