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Persona 5 Scramble ‘Protagonist’ trailer


In case you missed it there was a Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers livestream yesterday which brought with it a wealth of new information. Today, Atlus has released a new trailer for the game’s protagonist. You can get your hands on Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers when it launches on 20th February in Japan. A western release date has yet to be nailed down.

11 thoughts on “Persona 5 Scramble ‘Protagonist’ trailer”

  1. I want to know if my man Akechi/Crow will be playable. The playable characters in these games are the make-or-break for me- Ghirahim’s inclusion in Hyrule Warriors was a big part of why I got that one.

    1. He’s probably guaranteed to be in there. Maybe as an unlockable or something.

      My question is whether or not characters other than the Phantom Thieves would be playable.

      Hyrule Warriors took characters from many different games and was amazing with fanservice. I’m hoping that will be the case here as well.

  2. When it comes to Musou games, I tend to play every character & don’t really have much of a main. I do tend to lean more toward the female characters at times, though. Especially when they have some very feminine, attractive outfits to wear. I doubt this game will be lacking in that area so I might get it. Question is, which system will I get it on? And seeing as it’s a sequel to Persona 5, I might have to get one of the updated versions of the original game. Royal if I get it on PS4 & S if I get it on Switch.

    1. From what I can tell, this game looks less like a traditional Musou, and more like Persona 5 except with action based combat. So, I can see why some people changed their mind about it.

      Considering it supposedly takes place after the original game, I would probably recommend you play that if you care about the story and want to know the characters more.

      As for Switch or PS4, I’d say I’m more inclined toward the latter if only for the fact that Warriors Orochi 4 ran like utter garbage on the Switch and I’m not sure it will fare well in newer Musou games.

          1. No I have not bought it yet. Still gonna wait. If a Warriors Orochi 5 releases before a WO4U does, then I’ll get the current game as then I think it will be safe to assume it won’t get an ultimate edition. Plus it might be far cheaper by that point, too.

          2. I did just put it on my PS store wishlist a couple of minutes ago, though, so I won’t forget about the game in the future. To be honest, I kind of forgot about the game entirely til now that I didn’t even know if I bought the game yet as I just got finished checking to see if I had bought it before adding it to my wishlist.

            1. I’m glad I made you remember, but I would say you actually don’t need to bother with the original game. WO4U already exists, it just comes out in February in the west. Haha

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