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Suda51 says No More Heroes 3 for Nintendo Switch is 30-40% complete


WCCFTech have had the opportunity to interview the one and only Suda51 who is the producer of the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, No More Heroes 3. In the interview it is revealed that the game is around 30-40% complete but they are still aiming to get it released next year on the platform. Suda51 also promises that we will all be graced with a new trailer for No More Heroes 3 next year. Here’s some nuggets of information:

  • NMH3 is 30-40% complete
  • Script is done
  • Bigger world than NMH1
  • Same amount of side stuff to do
  • Nobuaki Kaneko will do the soundtrack
  • Slated for 2020
  • New trailer later this year/early next year



  1. NMH1 had a big world? It was a good game but it took me barely 15 hour late to beat:

    All I want is solid gameplay more than just mindless hack and slash.

    Also this game looks like it’s slated for Q3 or Q4.

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