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Game Freak says it currently has no plans to add missing Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield


In a recent interview with Dutch site InsideGamer, Pokemon Sword & Shield producer Junichi Masuda stated that Game Freak has no plans to add the missing Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield to the game in the future. Mr. Masuda said players who wish to collect and display past Pokemon from previous games can use the new Pokemon Home application to do so.

“We currently have no plans to make the Pokemon that are missing from the Galar Pokedex available in-game. This is an approach that we want to continue with in future Pokemon games. Up until now it hasn’t been possible to encounter every Pokemon in every game, so people had to transfer them from old games to the new game, by using Pokemon Bank for example.”

“The Pokemon Home app is currently in development, in which players can collect their various Pokemon, and only Pokemon in the Galar Pokedex can be transferred from there to Sword and Shield. But the way of playing is actually not very different from before with Pokemon Bank: up until now you have always only been able to meet Pokemon from a certain region.”

“We encourage people to use Pokemon Home to collect their Pokemon from old games. From there they might be able to take them to other games in the future. So take good care of your old Pokemon, because perhaps you can travel with them again in the future.”

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39 thoughts on “Game Freak says it currently has no plans to add missing Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield”

  1. I don’t really care about all the Pokemon not being in the game, it really isn’t a big deal and probably the best place to make cuts if you’re going to. However, whether or not I buy this is gonna be hugely dependant on reviews, because I honestly can’t tell if this will be a mere bumpy start to the next console generation (lack of experience), or a shameless cash grab (lack of caring).

      1. @sonicgalaxy, the problem with that logic is that would be me buying and supporting a game I may or may not even like.
        It’s much better to research a game beforehand so you know what you’re getting into before you buy. Exactly what reviews are for.

            1. Yeah it would be if they listen to us for once. But, I have to say, GameFreak never get a chance to do DLCs for main core Pokemon games. Not Once. I seen other gaming companies do it but not GameFreak and the Pokemon Company.

              1. Well I hope Gamefreak incorporates DLC this time. Maybe they can make the Pokeballs .99 cents each at the shops to give it a more realistic feel. The Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball, etc. should all cost more as well. I would love to see Gamefreak do something like this and I think the fans would really appreciate it as well.

                  1. Maybe we should start a petition to ensure that it happens. I think if enough fans demand paid DLC for missing Pokemons, Pokeballs, Rare Candies, etc then GameFreak will have no choice but to comply to our demands.

    1. If you’re really on the fence about buying, I’d just look at the whole lineup of new pokemon.

      For me the main things that make me enjoy a new pokemon game are pokemon and the region design. Idk about the region yet, but I really like a majority of the pokemon I’ve seen.

      If you’re interested in post-game a lot as well, this game seems to be a large step up as competitive battling and getting a pokemon to be competitive-ready has been greatly improved.

      1. I enjoy the game more when I don’t know what the new Pokemon are like. A fresh experience with new monsters to discover and all that.
        And if the region is more open-ended than usual, that alone would probably sell me on the game.
        Just waiting on the reviews so I can get an impression on the game without spoilers.

    2. Honestly, I don’t pay attention to the reviews by some YouTubers who is greedy. I want to see it for myself when I buy the game. I know it sucks to not have the national Pokedex from previous games, but let’s just have fun with the game for once.

      1. I’ll be glad to sit down and enjoy the game from start to finish, and I hope I do. I just need some assurance that that game is actually worth sitting and playing before I sink $60 on it, that’s all.
        I follow a good unbiased circle of reviewers be it video or blog (like the reviewers on this site).
        If the game’s good, I’ll be happy to play it.

        1. Yeah, same here. I would be happy to play the game when it has good reviews from GameSpot and IGN. The animation of the game looks cool. I honestly, believe that this game has more variety from the beginning of the first trailer.

    3. Whoever said DLC for pokemon, NO ok no, they already make you pay 60 for an incomplete dex. Either they add them for free or just fix the game because even without the dexit it’s a cashgrab

      1. I suppose that is fair. I do still think if they added micro-transactions to the game where you can use real life money to buy Pokeballs and all the other items in the shops would be an excellent idea! I think it would bring a realism to the game that it has been lacking for a long time. Imagine having to earn money in real life just to catch more Pokemans and expand your in game roster. I think it would be a fantastic and rewarding experience! I will be drafting up a petition this weekend for change dot org. Will you be signing up??

  2. yeah so thats why i was waiting till the release day to see all the Galar pokedex as well.. and see the differences.. i know i am feeling bit sorry after watching the leaks but i had to because i wanted to find out how much does new pokemon is added in the game and how many pokemon did made the cut as well.. before making any decisions later to buy shield or sword… who knows?

  3. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

    I mean, they’re still going to add mythicals in this game via event or promotion. But besides that, there only being 400 Pokémon in this game is insane

  4. the main problem with Pokemon in my opinion, is that they keep coming up with new creatures every generation… give it a rest… you had to get to this stupid point of not letting players continue playing with their trained pokemon from past generations just because we will now have over 1000 pokemon. Keep making new entries but no new pokemon, maybe just legendaries from that region, but just put the pokemon from past generations that would make the most sense given the climate or whatever conditions of the new region. I know for a fact, if any of my past pokemon aren’t transferable I’m gonna lose it… I really love them so much, and it would suck that I would have to say good bye to them.

    1. Honestly, that’s what they do in every game. I know its hard to accept new pokemon’s in every generations, but they can’t add all missing Pokemon in every generations. They can only add most of them, not all of them. I understand how many people feel about the National Dex not being in the game witch i felt the same way, but lets just all and try to enjoy this game with no November nonsense. They did add the gyms back. We should all be glad that they did.

      1. “Honestly, that’s what they do in every game. I know its hard to accept new pokemon’s in every generations, but they can’t add all missing Pokemon in every generations. They can only add most of them, not all of them”

        What are you talking about? This isn’t even close to accurate. That’s why people are upset. What they are offering is significantly *measurably* less than they typically deliver. In the few instances in the series history where all the Pokemon were not in the game, in a new generation, the follow up title, generally a remake of an earlier game, completed the set. If they said “This is like Ruby and Sapphire, don’t worry, the rest are coming when we do the Gen IV remakes” Nobody would care. The problem is they’ve said exactly the opposite. That for the first time and from now onward, they don’t plan on making all pokemon available in a generation.

  5. Eh, rather have 80-100 new pokemon each gen than have the games feel the same every single time. What I want in a new gen game is new pokemon in a new region, and I quite liked how SM didn’t even let you transfer stuff at all until months in.

    Can’t change engines every 4 or 5 games (usually a console only lasts 4-5 games) and add 100 pokemon each gen, and add new forms through various generation gimmicks, and keep them all going in a slow upward trend of graphics. Something has to give.

    I think the biggest problem people have is that the cut happened, but they don’t see that compensation of better graphics as it seems a big step behind other games on the Switch, which I equate mostly to GF being new to home consoles. The resolution increase and environments being way more detailed than a 3DS game could is enough for me for now, but I expect them to continue to improve.

    I’m fine waiting as long as pokemon eventually look like the 3D art on the GX cards in the TCG, and the games continue to be good otherwise and improving upon features (i.e. SWSH improves competitive training, online ranks, raid battles, pacing, etc).

    If each game is gunna have a roster of 400 or so pokemon compatible, I’d even prefer it if they add a toggle that lets you play through the region with only the new pokemon cause of how good it felt going through SM and only seeing new things.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      Not even reskins, it’s just in higher resolution and better lighting because it’s on the switch. If you used a SuMo emulator and removed the outlines, they look almost as if they look like now

  6. Thank you Mr Masuda for again clarifying that you’d like to remove the soul from Pokémon permanently. I have been on a journey with some of my pokes for the best part of 20 years, and now for the first time since Ruby and Sapphire, they will not be able to come to this game.

    I have seen a lot of silly arguments about why this had to happen. Too many Pokémon to maintain, do you see other games keeping 1000 monsters etc. etc. Firstly, this isn’t just any game – this is Pokémon – it’s an absolute money-printing behemoth. Secondly, all the work for the majority of the Pokémon is there. They’re all designed, have movesets and abilities and models that they can just port from the 3DS games (which they have done for Pokémon that are in the game). Course they’d have to do a bit of work on them, but the groundwork is done.

    The question isn’t a matter of could, but a matter of should. They’ve decided it’s not worth it, they don’t want to commit the resource. I say that’s a cop out that throws away one of the unique facets of Pokemon. I will complain about this, and continue to complain until they reverse it – for decades and multiple generations if necessary.

    Oh, and what did we get in return for them not committing resource to maintaining all these Pokémon then? Nothing, by the looks of it. It looks like the same game we’ve been playing for 2 decades – and from a technical standpoint it is underwhelming, the Switch can do better. It’s phoned in, and it really is time for the series to get a new director and a new lease of life.

      1. Oh they definitely will, Nintendo will lie to us now, we get mad at them, and then they’ll announce it like it’s a favor to us because we demanded it, and they come out the good guys. They’ve been doing it for years, so just wait untill D&P releases.

  7. If the next entries don’t include any of the Pokemon from Sword/Shield & only have new ones as well as ones that weren’t in Sword/Shield, I’m gonna be pissed. The only reason I’m not giving GameFreak hell over the limited amount of Pokemon in this game right now is because I’m hoping they don’t want to redo the models for 807 Pokemon along with creating new ones for the current entries and they just want to recreate just a few hundred Pokemon for each new entry until every single Pokemon prior to Sword/Shield have new models. If 300 of the Pokemon in Sword/Shield are older gen Pokemon, that leaves 507 Pokemon left to recreate for Switch for the next Pokemon entry. If they keep the same engine & can easily import the Pokemon from Sword/Shield to the next entries on Switch while adding new ones as well as old ones prior to Sword/Shield, I can give them a pass for the limited amount of older Pokemon in these entries.

    But I won’t hold my breathe for something that most other developers can easily pull off since this is GameFreak who spent nearly 15 years before they finally started using 3D models for the main Pokemon games. If they keep that same horrible timeline, it might be another 15 years before we see every single Pokemon in a new gen again.

  8. This is what I’m afraid of, what if there is never again a game where you can actually catch them all? Are there really just too many Pokemon?

  9. I just saw a frightening list of issues with the games that go way beyond just the cut national dex (which I wasn’t that disappointed by anyway). I have to see these issues for myself, though, and at least say goodbye to my favourite and first video game franchise.

    Here’s to hoping that the uproar surrounding these games will finally make Game Freak or even Nintendo reprioritize and give the series the treatment it deserves. If what I hear of Sword and Shield is all true, then this generation will be a god damn disaster.

      1. One can only hope, but there’s also seemingly quite a bit of general lack of polish on a level that we haven’t seen before. Well, I guess besides the very first games.

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