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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be getting a paid membership service


Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile devices will be getting a paid membership service on its two year anniversary. The paid membership service is titled Pocket Camp Club and it begins on 21st November 2019. There are two different plans to choose from and they include the following features according to Japanese Nintendo:

  1. You’ll be able to appoint one lucky animal as your camp caretaker and get some extra help around the campsite
  2. You’ll be able to receive fortune cookies and store your furniture and clothing items in warehouses

More details about the two plans will be shared in promotional videos which will be uploaded to YouTube and social media on 20th November.



10 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be getting a paid membership service”

  1. These mobile games and their subscription services… I’m not spending money on that. I’d much rather put it towards a real game. Pretty disappointed to see Pocket Camp take this route.

  2. I hate this because nintendo obviously know that they can milk casual mobile gamers who will pay for anything because the probably don’t even own a system that can play ac or mk games

    1. I’d say let Nintendo do this. If casual mobile gamers are willing to pay and fund other things like BOTW 2 or the next console then let them. I just hope they keep this practice away from console 😅.

      Could you imagine ? “Nintendo offers payed service that allows Tingle to gather rupees while you’re away. Also expands your inventory and doubles the amount of rupees you can hold for $9.99 a month”

      That’s kinda what’s going on here with Pocket Camp lol.

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