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Meowth gift now available to all players of Pokemon Sword & Shield


Pokemon Sword & Shield players will be pleased to know they can now get hold of Meowth as a gift in the newly released Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch. If you claim him you will get a Meowth (Level 5) capable of Gigantamaxing and one who has the moves Fake Out, Growl, Slash, and Pay Day. To claim your Meowth all you need to do is simply go to Mystery Gift and you’ll be granted one after you’ve finished the opening steps within the game.


6 thoughts on “Meowth gift now available to all players of Pokemon Sword & Shield”

      1. any pokemon can dynamax only special pokemon with the gigantamax factor can gigantiamax. Dynamaxing makes them bigger, but doesn’t change their appeareance otherwise. Gigantamxing makes them big and changes their appearance, and they get an exclusive move. Gigantamax are available only through events and raids.

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