Nintendo Pokemon Switch

Japan: Pokemon Sword is the most popular version out of the two


More detailed sales figures have come out of Japan regarding the recently released Pokemon Sword & Shield games for the Nintendo Switch platform. It’s Pokemon Sword which proved to the most popular version to purchase by Japanese consumers selling 499,753 copies. Pokemon Shield sold 347,629 units. Pokemon Sword & Shield are both available right now on Nintendo Switch and our review shall come shortly.

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  1. This was obvious from the moment they announced the names. Of course Sword, the weapon, was going to be more popular than Shield, the defense. That’s why I got Shield, as I always do the less popular version. It gives me ever so slightly more valuable version exclusives.

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  2. It’s not the one with the wolf with the weired looking shield head? Oh my, I’m shocked. I’d totally go with Sword, but unfortunately I much prefer Shield’s exclusives =/

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