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Rumour: Nintendo working on 2D Super Metroid remake and Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch


Leaky Panda, a known video game insider group, has stated on Twitter that Nintendo currently has two Metroid titles in development for the Nintendo Switch, alongside Metroid Prime 4. The first is a Super Metroid remake and the second is the long-rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy. It would be a nice gesture if this is true, as it seems as though Metroid Prime 4 is quite a while away in development terms. The game’s development Β recently switched from Bandai Namco to Retro Studios. As always, nothing has been confirmed regarding the 2D Metroid or Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch.


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  2. ” Super Metroid Remake that mimics Samus Returns in style and scope.”

    Ok I know this is a rumor, but if this is true then that’s disappointing to me. :/
    Samus returns was great, but it was nowhere near the likes of Super and Fusion with it’s constant meleecounter-to-win for the first half of the game, barely any horror elements and lack of dark atmosphere in general, restrictions in terms of wall jumping and other tricks,etc…

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good game, but I really hope Mercury steam listens to feedback a lot, that is…if they’re actually making such a thing. Because don’t forget, samus returns only sold 500,000 units, the same as zero mission (the last 2d metroid before the 10+ year drought)

      1. “So you don’t even know and are just going off what others have said? ”

        They didn’t report it as fact. They reported it as a rumor. Even so, if a rumor is popular enough, even if its fake it warrants a news story because it is culturally relevant within with community.

      2. Do you remember the game awards 2018, how so many media outlets cited “credible sources” and rumors saying “OMG guys! Metroid is really likely to appear at this show…get hyped!!!”…and then we got nothing related to metroid and loads of people were disappointed.

        This is what reporting on baseless rumors does.

      3. People still don’t learn about rumors. There’s no merit on reporting them, period. It only leads to speculation and “disappointments” when they are proved false.

        A lot of people were certain about MPT being announced at Direct because rumors. It’s the same thing. If you don’t have anything to bring, don’t bring a rumor posted by a nobody.

  3. Please be true.
    I would expect the prime trilogy ( just when ).
    Super Metroid, not so sure as we’ve had a recent remake.
    A new 2d Metroid would be pretty good.

  4. I’m kind of a newer Metroid fan and I loved Samus Returns. Never played Super Metroid before so it getting a remake would be perfect for me.

  5. Since they reset development for Metroid 4 I don’t really expect it to come out in 2020. However it’s not the wisest move to use your resources on rehashing older titles when you can 100% focus on MP4 Nintendo.

  6. Remaking Super Metroid is very risky,that game was 99.9% perfect,if they remake it they might ruin it,hopefully they can do a great job….IF that rumor is true

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