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Rumour: Unannounced Disney remake heading to Nintendo Switch

It seems as though more Disney remakes are coming according to YouTuber Doctre81. A LinkedIn profile from the CEO and creative director of PlayMagic reveals that the team have been working on a new Disney remake since this summer for all current platforms. We have already had Disney’s The Lion King and Aladdin. It’s not clear which Disney property this remake is based on, but it will certainly be interesting to find out.


9 thoughts on “Rumour: Unannounced Disney remake heading to Nintendo Switch”

    1. Definitely a game that deserves to get remastered with updated graphics & models. Now if only we could get a bloody Haunted Mansion movie on par with that game. Don’t get me wrong. The Eddie Murphy film was a good watch but the game was way better.

  1. I’m not sure whether Disney is in charge of the production of Marvel IP-based games, but what I would give for a Spider-Man PS1 Remake….

  2. Ultra Instinct Grandma Super Saiyan Green Evolution

    Its likely that its Epic Morky or a Kingdom Hearts game, specially now that Sora is heavily rumored to be the fifth fighter in Smash.

    1. I’d be cool if it’s Kingdom Heart but I seriously doubt it – why would they remake an older game when they’re still busy with DLC?
      And what points to Sora coming to Smash? I thought the rumoured new fighter is Crash/Spyro?

  3. ‘Sometimes some crimes, go slipping through the cracks. But these two gum shoes go picking up the slack. There’s no case too big no case too small when you need help just call ch- ch- ch- Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers .”

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