Animation studio behind Sonic the Hedgehog redesign shut down

The studio behind the perfected version of Sonic in the forthcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has closed. The reason giving was “increasing external market pressures in Vancouver and more attractive opportunities in other locations.” Moving Picture Company Vancouver will shut down immediately. The redesign of Sonic in the upcoming movie was thought to have cost $3.8 million.



  1. If the inference is being made that the redesign put them out of business, that is deeply silly. It was almost definitely a separate contract than the original work. If anything, it kept them going another few months.

    1. Sadly we know how the mainstream media is gonna push this. “This just in! Because of toxic fandom, the company that was forced to redesign Sonic has gone out of business!”

      1. Man, this is just silly and disappointing. I never thought to see the light of day when they shut down the studio completely. Making the redesign of Sonic as fans requested it just worth spending millions witch is a lot to handle.

      2. “Making the redesign of Sonic as fans requested it just worth spending millions witch is a lot to handle.”

        Except that’s not how any of this works. During the design process, the movie studio approves all the work. When they want to make changes afterward due to fan demand, they don’t get to have that work redone for free, they got what they paid for. They need a new contract, with new money. Its the publisher of the movie who is out the money for the changes, not the visual effects studio.

        The idea that the closure of the studio wasn’t planned likely as much as two to three years ago is rather silly. This isn’t a company going out of business, this is a company reorganizing to optimize themselves.

  2. If the fans didn’t protest the design, everyone is gonna hate the movie. Not just fans, Regular people hate the old sonic movie design that much, the studio corrected a grave mistake they made six months ago. Stop blaming fans, blame the ones who made that abomination 6 months ago.

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