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Smash Bros Ultimate GameCube Controller looks set for a re-release in January

Those of you who desperately tried to get a Super Smash Bros Ultimate GameCube controller and failed should soon have another chance to get your hands on one. The controller was available to preorder on the Nintendo UK Store today but was soon taken down, suggesting it went up too early. The listing had a release date of late January 2020.



  1. I hope they work better than the last batch. Seriously, 3 of the 5 I ended up getting just didn’t work on an actual Gamecube and I had to return them (like, lots of stick drift and I couldn’t get off the ledge in Melee for some reason??). The other 2 work for the most part, but aren’t as good as the Sm4sh controllers were. They all work great with Smash Ultimate, but I still play Melee and other Gamecube games a ton.

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