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The new SNES and NES games now available

Nintendo Europe has announced that the new Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System games are now available for Nintendo Switch Online members to play. The classic titles available are Star Fox 2, Super Punch Out, Kirby Super Star, Breath of Fire 2, Journey to Silius and Crystalis.


  1. They need to add a “Favorites” feature to these apps. At some point, there are gonna be so many games to choose from that people will want quick, instant access to the ones they like the most & won’t want to scroll through countless games to get to them. Breaking the games up into sections would be nice, too. From RPGs to whatever.

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    1. You can manually rearrange the games to put your favorites at the top. It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s something… I don’t understand why they haven’t added proper sorting and/or folders. Been waiting for that for a like a year now….


    2. I applaud your optimism.

      Although… You’re absolutely right. The NES library is a mess… Especially when you got those save states “SP” versions taking up space.


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