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Win a real Animal Crossing bag by joining the Pocket Camp Club

For a limited time, Nintendo is offering fans a chance to win a real Animal Crossing bag. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players who subscribe to the Pocket Camp Club or start a free trial by December 19 in the U.S. and Canada or by December 20 in Japan, Australia and New Zealand can enter for a chance to receive this exclusive physical gift. To learn more about this sweepstakes, click here.


  1. Lol this have better be a joke, this seems like a desperate attempt o get into the subcription base, there are plenty wonderful items in the animal crossing world and there going with a goodie bag, here’s a amazing tip on how to get this item without the sweetstakes you need a:
    *Lunch bag
    *Brown marker

    Step 1 draw a bear on the lunch bag
    Step 2 throw whatever in the bag

    And bame there you go
    Plz let me see some horizon info nintendo.The more info I hear about pc the more I keep remembering how water down the app feels.

  2. Times like this this make feel glad I never invested a single hour in Animal Crossing.

    Things are hard enough with the Sonic franchise, and now Pokemon.

    1. Correction:
      Times like this make me feel glad I’ve never invested a single hour in any Animal Crossing game.

      Things are hard enough with the Sonic franchise, and now Pokemon.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with Ac franchise tho it’s not for everyone that I can agree with but remember that this is a app game and that the Animal crossing series main games have always been good, there just not good at making spinoff games dena is main reason why this game play feels way to pay to win

      1. Amiibo Festival was also a thing.

        Real reason though, I can hardly get back to other games I’ve purchased thanks to CTR’s constant Grand Prix events. Imagine how much of my time would’ve been robbed if I picked up Animal Crossing (GC) back when it was first released. I never would ventured into the Sonic franchise, SSBB, Homebrew on the Wii, Project M, Super Mario Sunshine/Galaxy/Odyssey, Smash 4, Smash Ultimate, Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight, Pokemon Gen 3 and onward, etc.

      2. amiibo festival is kind of a taboo subjects in the fanbase it’s all about time mangement tho which seems to be your issue, you seem to be the type of person that can get heavily invested in one game that it’ll keep you from playing other game series you might have thought about trying perhaps you should try to work on that, but you might want to stay away from the ac series for now untill you learn that because you’ll spend a lotta hours into those games if you don’t know how manage

      3. And it’s not just a matter of time management. With CTR:NF, by the time I’m done for the day, I’m burnt out from from all the constant Grand Prix challenges and getting my ass kicked online.

      4. I never cared for SSB online battles.

        After all, it’s not like Sakurai locks content behind online participation for a limited time, and in-game currency needed to acquire a bulk of the game’s content.

      5. They ARE good games, and if I spent any time on Animal Crossing, the everyday-things-to-do nature of the game itself would’ve caused me to miss out on so much.

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