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Video: Learn about the paid subscription service for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting a paid subscription service, and Nintendo has shared the corresponding launch video below to let fans know about what they can expect from it. Known as the Pocket Camp Club, the service will officially begin on November 20 at 10 p.m. PT. It consists of two different plans; one lets you pick an animal to follow you around and help out, and the other gives you access to storage warehouses and a monthly supply of fortune cookies.

7 thoughts on “Video: Learn about the paid subscription service for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp”

  1. 2:1 ration on dislike – like on the video. I don’t know the demographics for sure, but isn’t one of AC’s biggest audiences kids to young adults? Nintendo thinks it’s fine to milk them dry with payment options as this? 3$ a month isn’t far off Switch Online.

    1. Actually its biggest audience is females that are around early teen to adult, so thats why they think its fine to milk them, I’m glad the video is being heavliy dislike just like the online service this is going to help them get rid of it.

      1. Sadly they don’t care if it’s possitive or negative attention they get, as long as it sells. And they don’t need to sell much to have a noticeable profit from it, because they’re not really selling you anything they had to work much for in this example.

    2. This is why I hate corps, because they do alot of stupid stuff like this to try to profit off of people and try to dress it up as if its suppose to be good for us.

  2. I hate and am worried at the path Nintendo’s mobile is going down, that whole trailer just angers me, pretending with such a twee voice how they’re giving you paid solutions for problems they damn well designed into the game on purpose.

    I don’t foresee them adding this sorta stuff to their console games anytime soon but it’s shown that Nintendo is not above the scummiest most disgusting, manipulative, monotization, garbage the industry is capable of.

    Actually I shouldn’t say that because next year a company is bound to find even worse ways to squeeze even more money from people for less and less content.

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