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Dynamax banned in competitive community Smogon OU Singles after 87% supermajority vote

Dynamaxing, the big gameplay mechanic for the recently released Pokemon Sword & Shield, will not be featured in competitive community Smogon OU Singles. The feature was put to a vote and an overwhelming 87% voted against its inclusion in upcoming unofficial Smogon tournaments.

The OU council recognizes that Smogon is a large institution within the realm of competitive Pokemon battling. Additionally, we understand that banning a core mechanic such as Dynamaxing will have a substantial impact on the competitive landscape of this generation throughout our metagames and perhaps other formats. Given this, we would like to use this thread to explain the ban of Dynamax as well as provide any relevant information for the sake of clarity and transparency.

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    1. I feel like the fewer limitations was to add more variety in competitive play. As before you basically had to have one the pokemon with a Mega, but now essentially every pokemon have a mega form. =b the only issue with it is that you can’t skip it’s animation and it’s just stupid not to use it in each battle, making it drag on over repeated use.

      1. That’s actually one of the main reasons they banned it. The fact that every Pokemon can do it, and at no cost. Previously, Pokemon at least had to sacrifice their hold item in order to be able to do mega evolution or Z moves, and because of that, there were even ways to prevent use of mega evolution or Z moves entirely. That’s no longer the case with Dynamax, basically making the meta game a bit of an unpredictable mess. Another point they brought up was that in all of the test battles they did since the games were launched, a very high percentage had their outcome determined solely by what happened within the three turns of someone’s dynamax, showing that it’s just a bit too dominant as a game mechanic for a competitive scene. Also the HP boost of dynamax makes it so that basically every Pokemon can tank a few hits, even really powerful ones, basically erasing their weak points for a couple of turns. Under all of these observations, I can definitely see why the decision to ban it was made. Dynamax definitely has too few limitations for what it does.

      2. lol, that wasn’t to add more variety at all. They got rid of more than half the pokemon, got rid of over 100 moves that have been in since the beginning, and then add this ridiculous dynamax thing as a means to hype the game up despite cutting a lot of content. Adding Variety would be keeping all the pokemon and moves they cut. Getting rid of all that and adding dynamaxing is the exact opposite of adding variety, that’s just limiting it to a great deal and adding a cherry on top despite getting rid of half the cake.

      3. “I feel like the fewer limitations was to add more variety in competitive play. ”

        That’s not how competitive play works in any game. The more options you add to a pool. the lower of a percentage of that pool is competitively viable because there is a wider array of possible opposing plays they need to be able to counter. If you have a fighting game with 15 or so characters, a third of them will dominate tournaments. If you have millions to billions of possible options, like say a trading card game, maybe 5 or 6 decks will be truly competitive at the highest tier of competitive play, a tiny fraction of a percent of possible options.

        If in fact variety in competitive play was the intention with dynamaxing, I would be extremely worried about Gamefreak’s competence.

    1. If you mean “better” in the sense of “which one is stronger”, then probably Dynamax. Mega evolution is essentially just a stat boost (potentially with an ability swap), whereas Dynamax is a stat boost with a couple of other side effects. Dynamax may be limited to just three turns whereas mega evolusion doesn’t have a strict turn limit, but mega evolution is way easier to counter and has less of an impact on the outcome of battles.

      At least that’s what I’ve heard. I haven’t personally played Pokemon competitively much. Only for a little bit in Pokemon X.

    2. +Gruntilda
      If you want my opinion; Mega Evolution is better overall. Yes Dynamax does give you a massive stat boost and gives you access to powerful attacks but that’s about it, it only lasts for 3 turns and as a concept is kinda lazy.
      Mega Evolution on the other hand lasts for as long as the Pokemon is alive, can be switched out, can change types, and can change abilities. The only real catch is it doesn’t give as much of a boost as dynamax does.

  1. Yeah. To be honest it was annoying to have to deal with Gyarados and Ditto.

    Gyarados, basically had a free DDance on kill. Not even Rotom had it in check since it now learns Power Whip. And Ditto basically just needed the opponent to set up and then go for the kill since it copies the opponents boost on switch in

    Now all there is to deal with is the Stallers and the overall toxicity in the community.

  2. I mean, I agree with the ban, both because Dynamax does break the balance of the game and because I personally think it’s one of the dumbest gimmicks in a Pokemon game yet.

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