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GungHo President says that Ninjala is akin to e-sports and will be fun for all ages

GungHo, the team behind the smash hit Puzzle & Dragons franchise, have a new game in the works called Ninjala which they also hope will be a similar success. Ninjala is a colourful multiplayer title staring Ninja’s and will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch worldwide next spring. Speaking to The Nikkei the company says that it’s a game that suits all age groups and it sounds like they will be pitching it as an e-sports title.

Ninjala, as the multiplayer beat-’em-up is called, places users in vastly navigable online settings. Players run up walls and battle each other across virtual towns using explosive “bubblegum ninjutsu.” The game is due for a global release next spring.

“People of all ages can have fun as if they’re playing grass-lot baseball, and the additional content will be very satisfying to seasoned gamers,” said GungHo President Kazuki Morishita, who added that Ninjala is akin to e-sports.


12 thoughts on “GungHo President says that Ninjala is akin to e-sports and will be fun for all ages”

    1. it’s similar to Splatoon, it was at e3 in 2018, I don’t know about e3 2019 as I didn’t go this year =b I see a lot of Splatoon players getting it.

      1. Except when you have a sh** internet connection, and games like Splatoon has most of its content usable online, while the offline single player only has access to Octo Valley (which is subdued in the corner somewhere in the middle of the bustling Inkopolis hub), and the $12.99 Amiibo missions. Hell, you can’t even use the gear you buy in Octo Valley. And that’s not getting into the exhausting/cheap DJ Octavio final boss.

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