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Nintendo of America: Look back at some highlights from the past 10 years

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Nintendo of America has a produced a lovely infographic looking at some of the highlights the company has provided gamers over the last decade. It is clear from looking at the image that we have had some stellar games from the Kyoto-based company as well as hardware. We have had the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo Switch, the mini classic consoles, the Wii U and some acclaimed Wii games such as Super Mario Galaxy 2. Have a look below and see if your favourite is featured.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo of America: Look back at some highlights from the past 10 years”

    1. The reason we don’t get many Pikmin games is because Myamoto likes to give all his time and effort when he does make one. It’s his favorite “modern” series, it’s why he made the Pikmin shorts.

  1. Why is SWSH on there, but not all the other Pokemons? Not really made by Nintendo at all anyway.

    For me this was the Decade of Disappointment when it came to Nintendo games. Usually I love Nintendo games, but a majority just didn’t really do it for me.

  2. We really need a port of Super Mario 3D World.
    A port of Pikmin 3, or better yet a Pikmin Trilogy, would have helped with those waiting for the fourth game.
    Now I really want a Pikmin Trilogy.

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