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God of War director really wants a new Golden Sun game

Corey Barlow, the director behind the acclaimed God of War on PlayStation 4, has taken to Twitter to urge Nintendo to make a new Golden Sun game. In fact it seems to be his favourite Nintendo franchise of all-time, which is interesting given the Kyoto-based company’s lineup of games. It has been a long while since we have had a new Golden Sun game and given the success of Fire Emblem it’s something many would like to see Nintendo pursue.

35 thoughts on “God of War director really wants a new Golden Sun game”

  1. I’d axe FE for some more Golden Sun goodness. The problem there is that the last game was kinda meh and ended on a cliffhanger. I hope they don’t feel obligated to finish that storyline.

      1. Agree to disagree. The world became a little less unique with he industrialization elements and… Well… Nothing screams Phoning it in more than having the kids of the main characters be the new main characters.

  2. If he wants it that badly hopefully he can make it himself with nintendo funding the game…unless of course, nintendo isn’t funding any chance to make the game.

  3. It’s tough since Fire Emblem’s success is due to a lot of factors including, but not limited to, the idea that a lot of people had never played a strategy game (or a strategy game that uses RPG elements) yet and thanks to the demo and word of mouth, a large audience found it a lot of fun and out of the ordinary of what they’re used to.

    The challenge with Golden Sun is… making an RPG stand out in a sea of other RPGs. There’s plenty of things that make it unique, but it’s tough to break that mold when so many of it’s systems are already using what’s been established in the RPG formula. Maybe it just needs to strike when nothing else is coming out. Who knows? They could always give it that “last chance” funding, just like FE.

      1. Hell fucking yes they were! Especially those damn summons! So much so that it’s a shame Dark Dawn was polygonal 3D models. I was excited for a 3D Golden Sun at the time but now? Pfft! Fuck that! Go back to the graphical style of the first two games!

  4. People in here doing the predictable ‘get rid of Fire Emblem cause I never played it routine’.
    Would be a little lame to axe one of the best strategy game series to revive an RPG series that was just average at its peak.

    Now, if you wanna convince me that replacing Pokemon with Golden Sun is a good idea, I might agree with you there. You can easily replicate Pokemon’s pull with Golden Sun’s djinn mechanic and unlike the Pokemon Company, I think Camelot would care a lot more about the quality of their games.

      1. I’m assuming the logic is “I’ve never played Fire Emblem so it can’t possibly be good, but this RPG I heard about on a top ten list once is probably much better so axe it”.

        It’s the same with Advance Wars but then at least Advance Wars is similar enough to FE (even if people fail to realize FE was meant to be the proper evolution of the original Famicom Wars, but whatever).

        I’m all for arguments like these, but people should at least play the games before they make their “hot takes” on them.

        1. Yeah, people should try playing them. I understand that SRPGs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even still why axe FE when it could (and should) co-exsist with Golden Sun?

          I miss Advance Wars. Wargroove scratched the itch a little bit.

          Did you hear that Shouzo Kaga released Vestaria Saga in English on 29. Dec? It really feels like an old school FE.

          1. I did hear about that. I’m glad the guy is still making Fire Emblems despite not being at the company.
            And it continues on the large scale maps a la Genealogy so it still differentiates itself from modern FE.

    1. FYI I have played more Fire Emblem games than you so… THE MORE YOU KNOW.

      Fire Emblem games have become very underwhelming. I have more hope in a good Golden Sun game than an improved Fire Emblem game at this point…. Or, at least, I want to.

  5. I miss Golden Sun. But what I’d prefer over Golden Sun 4 is a remake of the first two games together for the Switch. Then perhaps the third game and finally a quality fourth game could be introduced.

  6. And why nix any game franchise for this series? Every series is special to someone.
    Golden Sun was made by a third party to begin with. If Nintendo were to loan the rights to an outside studio, then they wouldn’t need to drop any franchise.

  7. Get in line, dude. There’s a lot of us that would love a new Golden Sun. In fact, where are HD remasters of the first two games? As for Golden Sun 3, I think I prefer that get remade to be more like the first two games in the graphical department. (I don’t think they should have ever moved to 3D graphics with it.) Golden Sun can be one of those Nintendo franchises that stays “retro” while updating the graphical style to HD without changing the artstyle.

    1. I totally agree. The move to 3D rather hurt the look. Unfortunately it is out there, and there are those who started out with, and like, that game. So we do need an HD remake of the first two games as one package, possible a remake of the third game, and then, I’m not even sure what to do with the next game in the series.

  8. Honestly I feel like if we were to get another Golden Sun game it would have to be like Fire Emblem where it uses the same core mechanics, but it takes place in an entire different world. I thought The Lost Age was a perfect conclusion to the story, and Dark Dawn had an interesting premise with their children taking over, but it fell flat.

  9. Here’s an idea: give ALL the heavy hitters a break and work on MULTIPLE dead series at once! Give us a new Golden sun, a new Kid Icarus, A NEW F-ZERO GOD DAMMIT. Dare I say, I even want to see a new Custom Robo game. I want to see a new Star Fox that’s actually FUN to play and isn’t an unorganized mess like Zero was.

    And what the hell ever happened to Pikmin 4?

    So yeah- give Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and (especially Pokemon) a hiatus and show some love to your other children, because they’re feeling as neglected as their fans are.

    1. As I told grunty, at this point, I think it’s safe to assume when Miyamoto said Pikmin 4 was almost finished years ago that he was actually talking about Hey! Pikmin which would technically be Pikmin 4 as it would be the fourth Pikmin game to be developed.

  10. Wow I can’t remember seeing an article on mynintendonews with so many comments.

    As someone already pointed out, Golden Sun was revolutionary at the time. Releasing it now, with its mechanics already replicated and improved on in other games, will not get much traction.

    The best way to handle this IP is to release a brand new game; a game that is what Xenoblade was to to Xenogears. Not remake, not a rehash and definitely not a port of the original three installments because the library of Switch already has so many of those.

  11. And fans want Mother 3 (despite there being a very good fan translation) localized.

    We don’t always get what we want.

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