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Digitimes: New Nintendo Switch model set for summer 2020

Digitimes is reporting today that Nintendo is busy preparing a revised Nintendo Switch system with an aim to make it available to consumers sometime this summer. The site says that production on the new unit will begin this quarter and will be released mid 2020, that’s according to sources from the related upstream supply chain.


19 thoughts on “Digitimes: New Nintendo Switch model set for summer 2020”

  1. I’m looking to replace my launch switch since it’s a little battered already so if they release a better switch I might just consider getting that instead. I usually pick up most of the mid-gen upgrades for handhelds and consoles.

  2. A word to the wise: don’t get your hopes up too high about this being a “Pro” Switch version. Don’t expect 4K. Don’t expect a generational leap in graphics and power.

    DO EXPECT this to be a similar leap akin to the New 3DS (upgraded processors and increased RAM). Do expect more reliable Joy-Cons, perhaps a new UI for home screen (folders), a better dock design, larger screen, and slightly lighter weight.

    1. My thoughts exactly.
      Slightly better performance and possible smaller bezels for a larger screen. I’d imagine existing joy cons will work and there might be some newer options/colours, with the option of buying the upgraded console without chargers and controllers to keep costs lower.
      I doubt Nintendo will release anything to compete against next PlayStation and Xbox. They always wait a couple years and then release a next gen

      1. I expect an update similar to the New 3DS upgrade minus the exclusive games.

        Older games will look better/run faster.

      2. My thoughts tells me that it’s gonna be a bit powerful. I’m not planning on replacing mine anytime soon. The original Nintendo Switch will always be fun for some consumers.

        E-3 2020 will make a reveal debut perhaps.

          1. Nope. That one is coming 2022/2023. There’s a thread going on about actual Switch 2 at ign nintendo lobby. I’m quite confident the OP of the thread is onto something, it just makes sense. It could be close to PS4 pro in power :O

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