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Japan: 76% of console sales in 2019 were for Nintendo Switch

If you are a regular reader on a Wednesday you’ll have seen that the Famitsu charts regularly show off Nintendo’s dominance in Japan with their Switch family of systems. We have found out today that a whopping 76 percent of console sales in Japan during 2019 were for Nintendo’s latest platform which puts the other older systems to shame.

The Switch sold 4,493,903 units in Japan last year, up 29% from 2018, which accounts for 76% of console sales in the country for the year. The Switch’s total sales in Japan are now up to 11,383,449. Nintendo also sold 191,173 3DS units in the country during 2019, which means sales of Nintendo’s aging clamshell handheld were down 66%.



2 thoughts on “Japan: 76% of console sales in 2019 were for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Now announce Super Mario Bros 4. The unveiled levels, and watch it rise to 99% of consoles sold.


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