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WayFoward reveals Vitamin Connection which is exclusive to Nintendo Switch

Established video game developer WayForward has a Nintendo Switch exclusive in the works and it is due as soon as next month. The game is titled Vitamin Connection, which is a bizarre and colourful adventure which is sure to keep players entertained. Vitamin Connection is due out on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 20th February and there will be a physical version coming courtesy of Limited Run Games. Check out the action unfold in the trailer down below,

Vitamin ConnectionΒ allows up to two players to enter a microscopic world as Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl, as they guide a minuscule Capsule Ship into battle against evil bacteria living within organisms.


11 thoughts on “WayFoward reveals Vitamin Connection which is exclusive to Nintendo Switch”

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    1. No no, Shovel Knight isn’t made by Way forward. You can tell because Shovel Knight has no bouncing boobies but instead had quality gameplay, free &meaningful DLC, and made it into Smash as an assist trophy.

      1. Also Shovel Knight can bounce off enemies pogo-style like Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales Remastered developed by WayForward.

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