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Analyst estimates its only taken Switch 34 months to achieve what the Xbox One did in 74 months

There’s currently no stopping the Nintendo Switch and its uptake with consumers around the world. Analyst Daniel Ahmad is reporting that by his company’s estimates it has taken the Nintendo Switch system only 34 months to achieve what the Xbox One has achieved in 74 months with regards to sales. However, Microsoft has changed and are now more interested in services and subscriptions rather than dedicated hardware sales.

Also worth pointing out that according to our estimates the Nintendo Switch passed the Xbox One in hardware shipments during the holiday quarter last year.

The Xbox One is not too far behind, but it has only taken Switch 34 months to achieve what the Xbox One did in 74 months.



  1. Xbox is a pathetic company, they are responsible for introducing online pay, introducing monthly subs for games.
    The first Xbox one even didn’t allow second hand games and always needed to be online.

    Remember the outrage about that ?
    They later made some changes.

    This company is such a failure, the controller still need AA batteries, the charging port is pretty low quality.

    The menu’s, OMG, the menu’s all lag because this whole Mixer stream thing in taking up resources ( yes on xbox one x )

    What a piece of ****

    All this garbage in the menu’s just to start up a game.

    I really love the speed and simplicity about Switch, just gaming, buy a PC or tablet if you wanna look at streams.

    Xbox needs to force this nonsense on customers who already paid, so they can let you even pay more.
    The only reason for mixer not he console is so you would donate and brand awareness.

    It has no benefit for the gamer itself, with Microsoft is all about them and their long term plans to get you hooked.

    That’s it, peace out. 🥐


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