Nintendo Pokemon

Pokémon Day 2020 celebrations have been announced

On February 27th, Pokémon Day 2020 will take place. The Pokémon Company has announced various events that will take place to celebrate the occasion. Firstly, they will be revealing a new Mythical Pokemon that will be coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield. This Pokemon will also be the Pokemon Coco movie’s protagonist. Secondly, Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon GO will have new events. Thirdly, there will be new information on Pokemon Masters. Lastly, there will be a “Pokemon Of The Year” election campaign that will be held with Google, but there’s very little information about that for the time being.



  1. Pokémon of the year with google? Is this related to Pokémon Go? Or SwSh? The winner will added to Smash as a player or what? It’s so bizarre.


  2. You guys are freaking retarded. Pokemon is for freaking children and anyone over 10 who likes it is a f***ing man-child who needs to grow the hell up.


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