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Cindered Shadows save data is separate from the main game in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo has confirmed that the save data for Cindered Shadows in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass Wave 4 DLC is separate from the main game. However, progress in the side story will influence what you can do in the main game, including exploring Abyss. By continuing to progress in Cindered Shadows, players can interact with and recruit the four Ashen Wolves in Part 1 of the main game. Once they’ve joined your house, they’ll be available to participate in battles and classes. You can check out some new screenshots showcasing Cindered Shadows in the gallery below:



  1. Also heard that if you clear Ashen Wolves, they can instantly join you in your main save file (don’t know about the stats though)
    Also they seem to have new timeskip skins which is neat
    Anna also gets a new icon once she promotes into a Trickster with the DLC class.

  2. Just looked at the sales data on Three Houses and whooo boy must that have been a disappointment. Heard good things about the game. Plan on getting it. Still, 0% sales growth in 7 years since Awakening can not be what they had intended with all the investment they’ve put in.

          1. There’s like no dating elements in this game aside from an end credits scene if that’s what you’re worried about.
            The monastery is all about unit customization and world building.
            As someone who thought this game was gonna be weeb trash before release (like Fates), I had my foot thoroughly in my mouth after a few hours in. Definitely a good one.

            1. Idk… I’m still skeptical. Characters interracting with other characters or your Avatar just doesn’t appeal to me. Also I’m kinda tired of all the stories being about Awakening some dragon or deity or whatever. I kinda want something more like PoR.

              I mean… I’m curious to see what QoL and other improvements they made to the core gameplay but I just don’t look forward to all the stuff they’ve likely stuck in-between maps.

    1. What is this extra investment you’re talking about? If I recall correctly, modern FE has always had this much attention from nintendo (like corrin, robin and lucina in smash bros) and is doing much better for it.

    2. This is the best selling FE game of all time, are you okay?

      It sold more than Awakening which Was on a system with double the install base of the switch.

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