Animal Crossing: New Horizons confirmed to support Nintendo Switch Online mobile app

There’s only a handful of titles which have support on the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app and it turns out Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be added to the list. The news was discovered on the games official listing on the Nintendo of America website. We shall have to wait and find out what functionality will be added to the long-awaited game in the app.



  1. this app is just a ridiculous joke. there’s a lot of potential, especially combined with games like Mario Maker 2 or the (S)NES Online library but noooo, it’s just a waste of space.
    Even if AC would come up with something really outstanding, if Nintendo isn’t pushing this with all other online games, people might not even notice. I read a conversation where people realized that they maybe could also use the Apps voicechat. its like a lifehack what should be a completely obvious function.

    1. Voice chat & the like should have been on the Switch itself as removable software with the phone app being a second source for those features for those that either don’t care for said features or for those that want to remove it so they can have more data for games. If they had done that, I’d have no issue with the app as it would have been just another option for said features.

  2. I’m actually excited about this. I love how I can check up on my Splatoon 2 stats, updates, and gear through the app. I wonder what cool little features they’ll add to the app for New Horizons. Maybe we’ll be able to buy furniture and items, and share island ideas!

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