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Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition revealed, pre-orders open

If you’re a fan of Dead Cells on Nintendo Switch then you may want to check out this new edition that’s available to pre-order right now for £89.99. The Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition comes packed with loads of cool stuff like a Prisoner figurine that stands 22cm tall, pin badges and an orange vinyl record. It’s Signature Edition Games who are selling it and you can check out some more details from their website below:

Full to bursting with exclusive content, Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition is the ultimate physical version of the game for fans and collectors alike. Presented in an embossed tin, emblazoned with the Dead Cells iconic flame logo, the centrepiece of Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition is a detailed, 22cm-tall figurine of the Prisoner brandishing one of the game’s stranger weapons, the Vorpan!

The Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition also contains three collector pin badges, featuring all-new designs, four metallic stickers together with an exclusive print art card and a numbered collector’s certificate. Music fans will be excited to know a 7”, four-track, orange vinyl record is also included.

You can nab your pre-order here.

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8 thoughts on “Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition revealed, pre-orders open”

  1. So cool!
    But that’s a lotta money, especially considering most people interested in this will already own the current physical or digital version.

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    1. Comes with the code, but still expensive.
      If I didn’t already own the game I’d consider getting this limited set. It is a fantastic game.

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