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4 classic games are coming to the NES & SNES Nintendo Switch Online collections on February 19th

It was only a matter of time, but Nintendo has announced that 4 more games will be added to the collections of NES and SNES titles that are on Nintendo Switch Online. For the SNES, it will be Pop’n TwinBee and Smash Tennis. The NES collection will receive Shadow of the Ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel. All 4 games will be added on February 19th. Nintendo’s official announcement tweet is down below.


  1. Overdue, and still (unfortunately) not very exciting…

    To be fair, I don’t know if almost any SNES, and certainly no NES, game could be exciting at this point.
    A N64 service, or potentially a N64 Classic Mini however, I think would bring people in.

    And yes, I’m aware that this is a freebie and that they can’t put too much resources into this because of that fact.
    But I still think it’s fair to point out that these two services, free as they might be, have lost their “wow-factor” a long time ago.

    1. They lost their wow factor *because* they stopped adding top tier games to the platform. This is due in no small part to neither third parties, nor Nintendo being willing to put up their A list classic content for free when remade or remastered content sells so well for real dollars on the eshop. Mega Man can’t be on the free NES app because Mega Man is on the eshop. Dragon Warrior/Quest 1-3 are already on the eshop, and 4-6 may well be coming, stripping them away from app availability. Nintendo themselves aren’t sure what of their own games to put on, because I’m sure they’re holding out some games for future remaster projects like Link’s Awakening was.

      As much as people who grew up between 98-2004 think N64 or Gamecube games might fix this problem, it would just repeat the exact same problem. As someone who group up in 8 and 16 bit (and 32/64, depending on when you want to call growing up as ending) eras, I can point to months and months and months worth of amazing titles that they could theoretically add to improve the quality of contenton NES and SNES. They aren’t. Why exactly would the next two platforms be immune to that problem?

      You’d get Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time and about 12 other games that no one thinks of when you think of the N64. Pilotwings 64. Clayfighter 64. Nagano Winter Olympics. Bio Freaks. Body Harvest. Fighting Force. Gauntlet Legends. Probably a Bomberman 64.

      Those would be really fun for the first week, just like the addition of the SNES was. Then you’ll be wondering where all the games you imagined when you said you wanted N64 games have gone off to.

      1. I do totally agree with you. They cherry pick away those A-tiers to keep adding them as standalones on eShop. New systems won’t help that much, but it certainly would be better if they did add more.
        And “free” is not the right term though. You have ti keep paying to keep it. I would say it’s less free than a 59.99$ game because you will keep paying to play those game.

    2. It’s not free though, is it? You have to have paid for their online service to be able to download them. I think it’s fair to expect a little more.

      1. Also Donkey Kong Country 1-3, they could do translations of the early Fire Emblem games, EarthBound and it’s prequel, Harvest Moon, This ones unlikely, but translations of shin megami tensei, Robotrek (No one else ever play that game?). I could go on.

    3. I kind of agree that the service hasn’t been very interesting as of now because many ppl probalby have alreary played the best games that were made available when it was launched. I say “kind of agree” because I’d play some Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy (VI, would be great) and other classic RPGs from the Snes era if available on the service. But, the recently announced games are a total turn off. The addition of another platform would make things more interesting, for sure.

  2. I totally agree with NES.
    Although there are a few SNES games that I’d like added, such as:
    Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3
    Super Mario All-Stars
    Chrono Trigger
    Super Mario RPG
    Mega Man Soccer (for the luls)
    Earthworm Jim

    And I know we’ll probably never get licensed games, but I’d love to see TMNT IV: Turtles in Time and The Adventures of Batman and Robin.

    1. No worries, I happened to see the comment even though it didn’t actually reply!

      And yes, I do agree with that and with those games being a welcome addition, especially Super Mario All-Star because the best way to play that game currently is probably on the Wii U’s Wii mode (the 25th Mario anniversary Wii release), and that’s not quite cutting it IMO.

      I can’t remember off of the top of my head if all three the DKC games are on the SNES Classic Mini, but most of the others are I believe. Far from everyone has one of those I suppose, but still.
      Licensed games would be cool, but I agree that it’s incredibly unlikely!

  3. Don’t yall find this interesting that Sony and Nintendonis tight lip on what that games or consoles they have to announce? I think they are waiting for one to reveal first.

  4. So are we ever going to get any Square Soft games? I’d love to have Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III (VI) on the go. Maybe give us a couple translated ones that we never originally got in the west like Dragon Quest V or Final Fantasy V.

      1. I wish Nintendo would release their back catalog for money too… maybe give us a discount for being signed up for Nintendo Online? If we had a proper VC, we could have enhanced downloads for so many generations. Crazy to think with the Wii U we had NES, SNES, GBA, N64, DS, and Wii. With this slow trickle of titles from Nintendo, I’ve actually been back on my Wii U enjoying this gem:

  5. I’m still crossing my fingers for N64 games with online multiplayer. That would be a huge draw to the switch business. Unfortunately I don’t think Nintywould go to that effort… Nor would Rare let stuff like Diddy Kong Racing or GoldenEye to grace the service.

  6. I grew up with both nes and SNES and I suppose there is some of the best games there available, Zelda, Mario for nes and f zero, Zelda, Mario for SNES, but there are some SNES games that I’d love such as super Star Wars, super probotetor and the dk games, but they’re looking unlikely.
    I suppose the way to look at it is your only paying £20 for an online service with its main function being able to take part in more modern online gaming so to have these games on tap is a bonus even if your not particularly bothered.
    The online experience as a whole though does need seriously improving maybe with Nintendo’s next console, proper voice chat and there should be more options for games like smash with more customisation of who you want to play online with.

  7. Lol feels like they’re just scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point.

    Can we please move to porting GBC, GBA, and Gamecube games, focusing on multiplayer ones first? I can grab my gameboy any time and play these old singleplayer games and it’d be just like the old days.

    However, giving old >>multiplayer<< games online play would actually be a substantial improvement to the original product and give me the ability to play some old games I no longer feel like I can play, either because Link Cables suck, or I just don't live close enough to my friends to play old Mario Parties or Kirby AirRide.

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