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Pokemon Home is now available & Pokemon Bank has been updated to version 1.5

It is a big night for Pokemon fans. As promised by Nintendo, Pokemon Home is now available to download from the Nintendo Switch eShop. Meanwhile, a new update has been released for Pokemon Bank. This brings Pokemon Bank to version 1.5. This update enables players to use Pokemon Bank to connect to the Pokemon Home app. Transferring Pokemon from the Pokemon Bank will net you 3,000 Home Points.



    1. In all honesty, probably more than they should. In spite of the fact that they’ll be claiming that “These are features standard to all pokemon games” most of those features remain free. Almost all of the premium features are for things you just plainly couldn’t do at all in older pokemon games. If you were paying for pokemon bank before, you probably won’t be anymore anyway, and if you offered me in the 3ds games the chance to pay a tiny bit more to be able to mass wonder trade or put several pokemon on the GTS at once, I would have said yes. It just wasn’t an option at all before.

      Now, that said, with all the other BS in Sword and Shield I’m not at all surprised that fans are in no mood to be cutting the Pokemon Company any breaks.

    2. And rightfully so. I’ll be using it the exact same way that I do with Pokemon Bank and don’t see a good reason for the price to increase by $10. It’s Also problematic that transferring from Bank to Home is not part of the free option, so if you ever feel like transferring from the 3DS to the Switch after this free trial is over that will be two separate fees.

      1. “I’ll be using it the exact same way that I do with Pokemon Bank and don’t see a good reason for the price to increase by $10.”

        How you’ll personally be using it has nothing to do with what it is. It has a lot more capability than Bank did. That’s what you’re paying for.

        A Ferrari costs more than a Civic even if you never take it over 60.

        1. People have a choice on whether they want to use a Ferrari over something else, but if I want all of my Pokemon in one place there is only one option. If I don’t care about the GTS and any of those other features they should give me another option to pay the same amount that I paid for bank. I don’t even need that excessive amount of boxes that Home gave me, I have more Pokemon that can fit in Sword, but I wasn’t even using half of the storage that Bank offered with my living dex.

  1. For those wondering why they can’t find Pokémon Home on their mobile store, it isn’t popular enough to get through the search engine of your store front. To get it, search for it on your mobile devices web browser then find the link or button that’ll take you to the store to download it.

    1. Lol. I dumped 1182 Pokemon into Home last night. I have about 20 or so fully EV and IV trained Pokemon. I could use exactly 2 of them in Sword/Shield.

  2. I lost my 3DS a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully I had all of my Pokemon on my Ultra Sun cart; sucks about the dozens of other digital games I got on there that are now lost but my 802 Pokemon was my most prized possession on 3DS, so I don’t mind considering the rest of my digital library collateral damage. So I’ll have to borrow my son’s 2DS, unlink my NNID from my Nintendo Account, link his NNID, & download PokeBank on there. Thankfully linking your NNID to your Nintendo Account isn’t permanent so it’s all good.

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