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Mario Kart Tour wins best racing game at Dice Awards, beating Crash Team Racing

In a surprising turn of events, Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android has won the Dice best racing game award beating the likes of the super fun, Crash Team Racing. Mario Kart Tour took home Racing Game of the Year leaving many Crash fans reeling. Mario Kart Tour is available now for free on the App Store and Google Play store,

16 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour wins best racing game at Dice Awards, beating Crash Team Racing”

    1. Speaking of corporate trash, Nintendo has really been showing its anti-consumer side hard for the start of this year.
      That combined with a dry spell of releases (expectedly so to be fair) and lack of updates leaves a less than great look for them right now.

      Thank god I love Three Houses otherwise it’d be barren til March.

  1. I tried mkt, and I gave up after about 10 minutes. You just cannot compare this to console racers.
    The controls are just awful.
    Anyone who’s been playing this, do yourself a favour and get a switch with mk8.

    1. I’ve said for years if they put Mario kart on mobile with touch screen, the controls would suck no matter what lol. Drifting sounds like it would be a pain especially on tracks with lots of constant turns.

  2. As someone who played Mario Kart Tour for about a month last year, it can be fun for the first two or three weeks until you realize that you can no longer get 5 stars in a race without paying money for the chance to get a kart that might get you enough point for 5 stars. I gladly never spent a penny on it though

  3. Seriously? Not that CTR is perfect (the post-release addition of microtransactions and the frequency of time-limited Grand Prix events weigh it down) but there’s no way it should have lost to a mobile game with even worse microtransaction shenanigans.

    1. +The Man of Brisk
      You are aware that any of the content that’s earned during the grand prix can be purchased in the Pit Shop afterwards, right?

      1. +The Man of Brisk
        Eh, I can understand that being abit annoying but I think it could be far worse.
        When you have companies that release content that is only available for a set time-frame around, actually installing a re-run routine so people are not totally out of luck is honestly quite tame in comparison.

    1. You just randomly reminded me of this game called Mega Race I had on our family Packard Bell when I was a kid back in the early to mid 90s, totally forgot that game existed till now.

  4. D.I.C.E 2020: Mario Kart Tour wins best racing game over Crash Team Racing!
    D.I.C.E 2030: Actual crap wins best consumption product over Pizza!

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