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Bloomberg: Nintendo Switch likely to suffer global shortage as soon as April


Bloomberg is reporting this morning that there is expected to a shortage of Nintendo Switch units globally as soon as April as the Coronavirus takes its toll. The news was shared with the publication by people with knowledge of the company’s supply chain. This is likely to coincide with the release of Nintendo’s first big first party title of the year, the long-awaited Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Difficulty may arise with accumulating enough units for the boats departing later this month or next, which would be arriving in the U.S. in April. Shipments would not completely stop, but would be greatly reduced, according to one person.

10 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Nintendo Switch likely to suffer global shortage as soon as April”

    1. It’s going to be even funnier if this doesn’t happen that way nosy scalpers will have wasted their money, in other news I do hope the coronavirus clears up soon, hopefully the guys are doing their best to stay alive and fight it

    2. “Announcing it is going to make it worse as scalpers swoop in on the news.”

      There isn’t really anything you can do to prevent people from using the knowledge that demand will outstrip supply in a predictable situation.

      “Bloomberg’s job, but not the people in the know who leaked to Bloomberg.”

      How do you know anyone leaked it to Bloomberg and it isn’t speculation based on experience? How do you know it is even enough of a secret to call it a “leak” in the first place? How do you know it isn’t a distributor who obviously doesn’t care who told Bloomberg?

      “I don’t think companies really mind scalping.”

      Not in this circumstance because…. well what else are they going to do? They would love to provide the supply to fix the situation. They can’t.

      Normally “scalping” happens in video games when companies underprice something, or at the very least don’t impose a 1-per-customer policy. Some limited edition console or whatever costs nothing more than the regular console even though a Zelda system or a Mario system are obviously more desirable than a plain grey. In this case, they certainly DO care about scalping because it means they could have charged an extra $50 or $100 dollars or whatever for the limited console and still sold out.

      Scalping is in quotes because I find people have very conflicting ideas on it on game forums, with some people seemingly offended by thee idea of profit itself. Couple years ago someone on this site called me a scalper and told me I wasn’t welcome on this board because I suggested that you could buy Labo for the collector’s value down the road. I didn’t even specify selling it. Just the idea of someone gaining “value” over time with their purchase was enough to be considered offensive.

    1. Why is THIS what he’s worried about. He’s a politician, not an employee of Nintendo. This is like when Yang tweeted about Smash.

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