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Platinum Games’ Atsushi Inaba on Bayonetta 3’s development: “There’s nothing to worry about”

Ever since Bayonetta 3 was announced for the Nintendo Switch at The Game Awards 2017, it has been nothing but silence from Platinum Games. Occasionally, you will hear reassurance that the development is going well. For example, Gematsu did an interview with Platinum Games executive vice president and studio head Atsushi Inaba, as well as senior vice president and game designer Hideki Kamiya, at PAX East 2020. Once again, they were asked about the development of Bayonetta 3. Inaba replied, saying that “there’s nothing to worry about at all. There’s nothing to worry about. Things are going very well. Really, there’s nothing to worry about”.


14 thoughts on “Platinum Games’ Atsushi Inaba on Bayonetta 3’s development: “There’s nothing to worry about””

    1. You’re aware the game got a recent re-brand and trailer showing they’ve made strong progress, right?

    2. Why do people have this insane notion that if a game was canceled the developers would lie about it when they stand to gain literally nothing?

    3. Usually, when studios keep making these statement without nothing to show for the progress, there is reason to worry.

    4. While this isn’t something that boosts confidence in the fans, it is a lot better than Nintendo and Retro about Metroid Prime 4… at least platinum is trying to keep the fans informed!

    5. As I said in another website, it goes like this “You shouldn’t worry about it because we aren’t the slightest bit worried too. Let’s talk a lot about a port of a so-so game and a new project and complete ignore a game that was announced since 2017”.

    6. Patience. I’m not worried. They want to show it when they are ready to, when there’s a good opportunity for it, when there’s not too much time for release. I believe it will be shown during next direct or E3. If not by then, then we can be pretty sure the development of Bayo 3 hasn’t been going as smoothly as they have said.

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