Japan: 2006 Animal Crossing movie to be broadcast 20th March


To coincide with the release of the long-awaited Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, fans in Japan will be able to rewatch the 2006 Animal Crossing animated movie. The movie airs on theĀ Japanese TV channel Kids Station at 4pm Tokyo Time. There’s no word if Nintendo plans a similar event here in the west.

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  1. I really wish Nintendo would have the movie officially dubbed, but sadly they have never done that for this movie. I really do think that the movie would do well in other countries. Ah well…

      1. You make a good point. My excitement had me blinded. šŸ˜” I went and did some research and it turns out it’s an upcoming fan project, but I don’t believe they’ll make the date, assuming it’s still even in progress.

  2. Who knows, now that Animal Crossing is a hige global trend compared to back then, Nintendo may actually consider finally getting this movie dubbed and released internationally! (Hopefully)

  3. My friend and I are going to watch it together before the game comes out. I forgot it existed, an she never knew about it, so I’m excitdd~

  4. There isn’t an official dub or even sub for it. Some fans have done a pretty good dub for it though, it’s a super cute movie. It’s a shame they never officially dubbed it.

  5. I watched this movie with the fan dub. The dubbing was quite good. The movie wasn’t bad either.
    Not to spoil anything in th e movie, but it made me want a cave to explore.

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