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Japan: Level-5 announces new Yo-kai Watch game for Nintendo Switch


Level-5 is readying a new game in the Yo-Kai Watch franchise for the Nintendo Switch system and PlayStation 4. The game is titled Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y and is due out for both platforms this summer in Japan. Details regarding the new game are scarce, but Level-5 has revealed the following about Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y:

“In the game, players will partake in intense battles as “Yo-kai Heroes”. The game will also offer a school life experience of some sort so that probably means hanging out with Jibanyan and others in a school setting.”

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  1. Is this a spinoff? Nevermind either way we’re getting it in 2022 on the successor of the Switch.

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  3. They really need a better localization department, they take FOREVER to translate. I understand waiting for the definitive version 4++ but c’mon, we’ve been waiting forever! We don’t even know if we’ll see Yokai Watch 1 or Nintendo Switch over here yet. This series sucks to be a fan of, I should just learn Japanese.

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