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GDC Summer has been announced for August 2020

GDC 2020 was not able to occur this month because of the coronavirus pandemic. The GDC staff stated that there would be some kind of replacement for the event later this year, and have just announced what it will be. GDC Summer, a “three-day celebration of the art, craft and business of game development”, will be taking place in San Fransisco from August 4th to 6th. According to the GDC staff, the event will be “a unique Game Developers Conference experience but will retain the same high level of expert-led talks as the traditional GDC, along with a freestyle two-day expo show floor August 5th and 6th”. It is not known at this time if Nintendo will be attending.


5 thoughts on “GDC Summer has been announced for August 2020”

    1. Unless you live in a country where you literally can’t leave ever, I’d personally still go for walks occasionally where there’s nobody around like in the evening or something, just to get out.

  1. August is a good possible date. I read that first world countries should expect to have defeated the coronavirus between June-July, while third world countries between August-September

  2. Defeating the virus is one thing, reducing its presence is another. There should be no reschedule for new events until a definitive and effective vaccine is out, no matter how long it takes. GDC is just trying to send out the “we haven’t given up” signal, but the spotlight isn’t on them, it’s on this damn virus. When that changes and the virus is no longer a problem with no resolution, then we can start talking about game events again, not before.

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