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Sony has taken down a Super Mario creation in Dreams due to a complaint from Nintendo

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Dreams, a video game on the Playstation 4, has seen a lot of Nintendo-related creations. One of them, Super Mario, has been taken down. The model’s creator, Piece of Craft, tweeted a picture of their creation having received a “moderated” notice. The notice says that the creation was removed from Dreams due to “copyrighted material” that it contains. Piece of Craft later tweeted that they received an email from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe that said that they had gotten a complaint from Nintendo about their IPs being used in Dreams. Because of Nintendo and Sony‘s actions, Piece of Craft can no longer edited the original creation, and other Dreams users will not be able to find or use it. You can see Piece of Craft’s picture of the notice down below.


24 thoughts on “Sony has taken down a Super Mario creation in Dreams due to a complaint from Nintendo”

      1. +Gruntilda
        Uhm…Nintendo does a lot with Mario? There’s way more to him than just the main series platformers you know.
        Last year was Super Mario Maker 2, 2018 had Mario Tennis Aces followed by Super Mario Party. Not to mention Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in 2017 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate in 2018. Oh! I almost forgot Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle in 2017.

    1. How are they assholes for not wanting their intellectual property or likeness misrepresented on a competitor platform?

      1. And how exactly are these a form of misrepresentation.

        In an age of covid-19, Nintendo sure picked the damnedest time to remove NON-PROFIT fan content. Next, other companies will be going after custom stages in Smash Ultimate.

      2. I hate people who hate on Nintendo for not allowing others to use their characters. Those characters belong to Nintendo and not “everyone”! No you can’t make your own mario game even if it’s free and no you can’t model a Nintendo character and then distribute it in another game.

      3. See they aren’t assholes but sure are lame.

        Everyone who downloaded this knew Nintendo never officially made it. Now I haven’t played the fan creation that got taken down, but unless its all about Mario bidding on underground dog fighting, its not hurting their brand. Taking this down probably did more harm than good for them.

    2. the difference between Dreams and Soul Calibur VI is that one is a first party game from Sony and the other is a third party game from Bandai-Namco.

      1. Misrepresentation being a game company that profits off a game that offers fan created content using copyrighted materials that aren’t approved by the copyright holder and infringes on their rights. It’s really not hard to understand. And I don’t see how COVID-19 has anything to do with this it’s hilarious you’d even bring that up lmao.

        If this was a free to play game or open source thing on the web where users would create and share stuff it would be a different story.

    3. Which is why I’ve been leaning more and more towards being a Microsoft fanboy since the 360 Era. I have no idea why everyone jumped ship for PS4, when Microsoft never stopped being the best as far as customer support and respect, and caring about the industry as a whole and not just making money.

    4. +The Exalted Ridley
      Sorry dude but this comment is stupid.
      Dreams is a 1st Party Sony Exclusive whom are a direct competitor to Nintendo. It’s not like with Soul Calibur VI because that game is from Bandai Namco whom is a 3rd party publisher that also works with Nintendo. Heck, Bandai Namco even have a direct hand in Super Smash Bros, 1 of Nintendo’s biggest franchises.

      You can’t blame Nintendo for this especially with it being from a direct competitor.

  1. Meanwhile Persnickity 5 is still available because SEGA has a sense of humor/appreciates fan work.

    I know if I had created a game/characters/worlds and saw them being recreated in Dreams, I’d be thrilled that someone likes my creations enough to do so (provided they don’t claim they’re his/her own assets).

    1. +The Man of Brisk
      If I may be honest; I have a feeling SEGA wouldn’t be so co-operative if they were bathing in money like Nintendo is.
      SEGA right now needs all the fans it can get because considering how poorly they keep handling their most major IP, going tyrant on the fans would basically be the equivalent of declaring bankruptcy.

      Besides, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just because 1 company does 1 thing doesn’t mean another has to. At the end of the day, as long as it’s legal, it’s up to the individuals how to run their business. If you don’t like the direction they are headed, you retain the right to withholding your money and take it elsewhere.

    2. Sounds like a parody. Parodies are legal. If this guy did a Nario character that doesn’t exactly look like Mario, Nintendo would not have complained.

  2. I honestly don’t see the big deal, it’s user generated fan content, but this is Nintendo after all, I heard they pulled the same shit in Little Big Planet.

  3. It’s a shame Nintendo has to be so strict with people using their characters. It’s not like people profit off their creations within Dreams.

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