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Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition’s epilogue adventure Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected playable from start

Some more details about Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition were revealed in yesterday’s Mini Direct,. Since then, Nintendo has been tweeting about the game. For example, earlier today, Nintendo of America tweeted about “a new epilogue adventure” that will be coming to the game. The epilogue, which is called Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected, will be “playable immediately when you begin Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, even if you haven’t finished the game’s main story”. Nintendo’s tweet is down below.


  1. Well, that’s good news for all of you who already beat the game. However, I guess it sounds like you don’t carry on with the progress you make in the main game.

    1. Actually, that sounds pretty good to me!
      If the DLC is anything like Torna, the Golden Country for Xenoblade 2, with you starting off at level 1, with no good equipment and an (almost) all new cast and story… well, that would make it a masterpiece ! Torna was a 12-15 hour ride, though, and I can’t imagine this being as long an adventure. If it were, though, gosh, that’d be even better than having toilet paper right now :D

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