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Next Super Smash Bros Ultimate spirit event features Animal Crossing spirits


Nintendo has announced a brand new spirit event in Super Smash Bros Ultimate this morning. The five day event features spirits from the Animal Crossing franchise including four new spirits from the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You will be able to join in the fun on the 3rd April!


  1. It just occurred to me; I know we already have Isabelle but what if Nintendo decided to put in Tom Nook as apart of the fighters pass 2? Considering Animal Crossing New Horizons is pretty hot right now, it would make sense.

    1. Been thinking this myself! I originally thought they could even add Pokemon Trainer 2 to promote Sword and Shield but it’s getting more unlikely now. Nintendo are huge on promoting their own games. Now we’re even getting an ARMS rep, so I guess nothing is off limits.

    1. No one said being a spirit excluded a character from joining the roster at a later date.

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