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Platinum Games announcement coming soon

Platinum Games will be revealing its next ‘Platinum4’ project soon according to the official Twitter account this morning. The exciting news will join the likes of Project G.G and The Wonderful 101: Remastered game announcements that were revealed by the studio not long ago along with the opening of the Platinum Games Tokyo studio. It’s being dubbed ‘Bonus Stage’ so it’s anyone’s guess what it may be.

What are your predictions for their final project in the Platinum4 lineup?



  1. Yes Platinum Games, I would love to hear how smoothly Bayonetta 3 development is going for the 9th time

    1. Also, the 4th announcement was revealed on the 1st. That’s why they’re calling this a bonus

  2. It’s a new take in a action game with a huge Nintendo character. It was teased in the April fool trailer.

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