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ARMS Party Crash “Battle for Stardom” kicks off tonight at 11pm PT


The Nintendo Versus Twitter account has announced that you will be able to participate in a new ARMS Party Crash event this evening. This time it is a “Battle for Stardom” between the flexible Spring Man and the deadly Ribbon Girl. The event kicks off at 11pm PT this evening in the United States and comes to a close on 4th April at 11pm PT. Best of luck! We shall publish the winner once they have been announced.

11 thoughts on “ARMS Party Crash “Battle for Stardom” kicks off tonight at 11pm PT”

  1. I think we were all led to believe the one from around a year ago (the tournament-style one in which Min Min won overall) was the final one, and my basis for believing that she is the upcoming DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate.

    However, to suddenly announce another one after the presumed final event, it makes me wonder just what’s going on underneath. Has development on ARMS resumed? Are we going to start seeing updates again?

  2. I think twintelle or min min has a chance twintelle was a highly popular character even the devs said it as the most work went to her. Min min has a shot too due to her winning a crash bash

    But the reason they are doing more crash bashes is because they are getting more attention because of smash

  3. i’m almost certain that the character in smash is gonna be ribbon girl. i don’t think it’ll be twintelle, simply because they said the characters ‘arms’ could extend, whereas twintelle uses her hair. ribbon girl is both one of the mascots and an interesting character with her fair share of abilities. then again i have no clue.

      1. i know it’s just a pun, but i find it strange to have the rep for ‘arms’ be a character than uses their hair to fight.

        1. Think of it like this she can represent the creativity and wackyness of the arms world… Her hair is used as arms they even have hands and she uses them as a second pair. If shes in smash itll make make sense when she can use items such as a gun and a bat and holding items… The other characters… Not really…. Unless their arms retracted and they use hands

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