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Platinum Games 3rd announcement is a new studio to create games as a service


Platinum Games have been on a roll lately with two previous announcements and the third is they are busy opening a new studio in Tokyo. The studios primary mission will be to create games as a service and they will begin operations April 2020. Games as a service isn’t a new thing as titles such as Destiny and The Division come under that banner. It will certainly be exciting to see what Platinum come up with though.

10 thoughts on “Platinum Games 3rd announcement is a new studio to create games as a service”

  1. Oh… that sounds a lot like Tencent. Destiny, Anthem and Monster Hunter World. It’s so many live servoce games my friends play I can’t keep up. Can’t say this was thrilling news in my opinion.

  2. Looking at Kamiya, Platinum sold out a long time ago. They were just too small to let the full evil out. There will always be another great studio with great Talent that will break out with amazing games. AKA Monolith Soft. Hope this is not Tencent breathing that Dragon breath on Platinum.


      1. GAaS or (Games as a service) is any game that continues to support a game after launch, with paid or free content at a timely manner. Games like GTA V that keep getting heist, Destiny with free raids(or paid expansions,) or Division with paid and free expansions.

        What you’re referring to is a game creation tool that revolves around UGC (user generated content.)

        GAaS can be games as small as brick breaker games, to huge games like elder Scrolls Online. PC, console, or mobiles, it can be anything.

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