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The creator of Stardew Valley says that version 1.5 is “currently in the works”

Today was the 4-year anniversary of the original release of Stardew Valley. The game’s creator, Eric Barone, thanked everyone for the anniversary wishes on Twitter and also made an announcement. Version 1.4 is now available on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, but that won’t be the end of new content additions. Barone says that another free content update is “currently in the works”, which will be version 1.5. The update doesn’t have a release date for the time being. Barone also said in a reply to a fan that there are no plans for paid DLC. You can see Barone’s tweets down below.

3 thoughts on “The creator of Stardew Valley says that version 1.5 is “currently in the works””

  1. This guy is so humble, I’ve been playing this amazing game for a while now and it’s more than worth the asking price.
    He could straight up be charging for these updates and I’d have no problem paying it.

    1. That was my first thought. But then it occured to me, he’s probably made an unimaginable amount of money from this game. I bet it’s millions. I bet he’s looking at his money, and calculating how much more money he’d have with paid DLC and being like “I don’t even see the difference”. People are like “But you need to sustain your income” and he’s like “Man, I got enough money here to last me decades, I’ll have another game by then…”

      1. +Andrew Geczy
        Even if he is making millions, I still say he’s being humble. At the end of the day, he spent 4 years working on this game and all those millions came from the hard work so he deserves every penny.
        So many other developers would simply let greed take over and take advantage of the fanbase they have, kinda like a certain Former Capcom Employee.
        Besides, with how expensive things cost these days, it actually isn’t that hard to run out of money even if you are a millionaire so he absolutely could take advantage if he really wanted to.

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