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The Yoshi Tour coming to Mario Kart Tour on Tuesday


The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account has announced yet another brand new tour for the fun smartphone game. The next tour in Mario Kart Tour will be the Yoshi Tour and proceedings kick off at 11pm PT on Tuesday 7th April. UK fans can join in the fun on Wednesday 8th April. Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android.


  1. How many times are they gonna remake/put GCN Yoshi Circuit into Mario Kart games? I think this track has the record for most appearances, and it’s not even a great track!

    1. I think they are trying to get all pre MK8 3d mario kart tracks into this game at some point

  2. I just noticed, in the thumbnail, you can see they walled off the shortcut found 5 seconds into the track. I might not like this track, but that about really kills it.

    1. Those are actually piranha plant standees that you have to break through with a mushroom. I actually love this track, probably because I love double dash.

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