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Super Mario Maker 2 has been updated to version 3.0.0

Nintendo has released a new update for Super Mario Maker 2, which puts the game at version 3.0.0. This is the “final major update” that Nintendo had announced yesterday, which brings a ton of new course parts, as well as the highly-requested World Maker and even some new Mii gear. Nintendo released the official patch notes for the update, so we’ve included them in full for you down below.

Course Maker

  • New course parts have been added.
    • Each new part can be used in the following game styles as shown below.
      Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario World New Super Mario Bros. U Super Mario 3D World
      SMB2 Mushroom YES NO NO NO NO
      Frog Suit NO YES NO NO NO
      Power Balloon NO NO YES NO NO
      Super Acorn NO NO NO YES NO
      Boomerang Flower NO NO NO NO YES
      Cannon Box NO NO NO NO YES
      Propeller Box NO NO NO NO YES
      Goomba Mask NO NO NO NO YES
      Bullet Bill Mask NO NO NO NO YES
      Red POW Box NO NO NO NO YES
      Larry YES YES YES YES NO
      Wendy YES YES YES YES NO
      Lemmy YES YES YES YES NO
      Morton YES YES YES YES NO
      Ludwig YES YES YES YES NO
      Mechakoopa YES YES YES YES NO
      Cursed Key YES NO NO NO NO
      ON/OFF Trampoline NO NO NO NO YES
      Dotted-line Block NO NO NO NO YES
    • Select the Cursed Key by first placing a Key, then changing its type from the options available.
    • The Dotted-Line Block has been newly added to the Super Mario 3D World game style. It has been available in all other game styles since Ver. 1.0.0.

World Maker

  • You can now select World Maker and Worldbot from the main menu.
  • In World Maker, you can create your own Super Worlds.
    • You can set up to eight worlds and 40 courses in one Super World.
    • You can set courses that are saved under My Courses in Coursebot.
  • In Worldbot, you can view Super Worlds that you made in World Maker.
    • You can save up to six Super Worlds.
    • Each Maker can upload one Super World to Course World.

Course World

  • Super Worlds have been added.
    • You can play Super Worlds uploaded from Makers around the globe.
  • If a Maker uploads a Super World, it will be displayed in the Overview section of their Maker Profile.
  • Added a list of Super Worlds a Maker has played to their Maker Profile.
  • Added a friend list to Leaderboards.
    • Friends who have allowed “Share to Friend List” in Options will be displayed here.
  • In Leaderboards, the order of the list of Makers you’re following has been changed to display whoever uploaded a course most recently first.
  • Increased the number of tags that can be added to a course.
    • Added the following tags: Art, Technical, Shooter, Boss battle, Single player, and Link.
    • Courses that are tagged with “Single player” will not be selected in Network Play.
  • You can now download courses that you posted to My Courses in Coursebot.
  • Added a list of friends’ times to Everyone’s Times in Ninji Speedruns.
    • Friends who have allowed “Share to Friend List” in Options will be displayed here.
  • Added gear that can be acquired in Easy and Normal modes of Endless Challenge.
    • If the conditions for earning this gear have been met in Ver. 2.0.0 or earlier, it will be acquired when updating to Ver. 3.0.0.


  • Added “Share to Friend List” to Options. -By setting this to “Allow,” your information will be displayed to your friends in Leaderboards and Ninji Speedruns.
  • Issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.



  1. Why is Cursed Key limited to just Super Mario Bros.? And why aren’t the Koopalings available for the 3D World style? I have to say, these decisions disappoint me.

    Otherwise, I’m enjoying the World Maker. I’ve been creating a plethora of levels *just* for one world, trying to create a cohesive and authentic Super Mario experience.

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