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NPD: Here’s the best-selling Final Fantasy & Resident Evil games in the US between January 1995 & February 2020

Earlier this month, when the monthly NPD report was still a couple of weeks away, The NPD Group decided to release a couple of charts. The two charts revealed the best-selling Final Fantasy & Resident Evil games in the United States between January 1995 & February 2020. Some of these games have released on Nintendo platforms. Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil 5 were the top-sellers of their respective franchises. You can see the NPD’s tweets, which have the charts, down below.

17 thoughts on “NPD: Here’s the best-selling Final Fantasy & Resident Evil games in the US between January 1995 & February 2020”

  1. Shocked that FFXIV isn’t on that list. It’s been lauded as an amazing MMORPG and ended up a major success for Square Enix (despite the troubles it’s initial launch had).

    I am also surprised that RE4 sold less than RE5 with RE4 being released on more platforms.

    Nevertheless, love both of these franchises ❤️

  2. Honestly surprised XV outpaced the legacy the original VII had. Does this only count the original physical launch or does it include the upscaled version on modern platforms?

      1. I was about to say. I haven’t played it myself but I’ve heard it’s mediocre at best.
        Then again, so is Resident Evil 5, I suppose quality isn’t so much of a defining factor in sales. Just look at where FFXIII places, I know firsthand how garbage that hallway simulator is.

    1. Almost ccertainly only the original, as the digital versions are largely untracked. Even then, you’re comparing very different eras in video game history. Final Fantasy wasn’t even a very commonly known brand in 1997 in North America. VII is what made it blow up internationally.

  3. I’m wondering if the “Resident Evil” on the Resident Evil list is the remake or the original. Gamecube obviously didn’t sell as well as any Playstation but the remake is still available on all modern consoles, so it’s got me curious.
    Also happy to see FFIX anywhere on that list.

    1. I’ve bought IX like 10 times now on varying platforms, counting an extra sealed copy as well. Still, if they made FFIX Remake…… One more go would be acceptable.

    2. Yeah I wondered about this. Strange that they did Resi 2 remake separately but seemingly not the original

  4. I loved Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4. I didnt buy Resident Evil 0 on my Switch because the loading on my gamecube is much faster than if I bought it on my Switch. Why is that when the Switch is more powerful?

    I didnt buy RE4 on Switch because Capcom didnt use the Joycons like in Wii’s Nonchucks. Had they did that, I would had bought RE4 for the Switch.

  5. Now that I am playing Trails of Mana and Demo I of Bravely Default 2, I love RPGs. I am a fan of them. I will be getting more RPGs on my Switch. I dont know if I like open world more or RPGs more now.

    Trails of Mana is addictive

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