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EVO 2020 has been canceled and will be a digital event

This year’s EVO tournament has sadly been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The event would have been set for 31st July to the 2nd August at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The Evolution Championship Series  says there will be a digital version happening sometime later this summer. More information will be published at a later date.


  1. Yeah right, due to Covid.

    Covid sure is a great excuse to cancel all these failing shows that should have become irrelevant 10 years ago when Nintendo introduced the Direct format, why should anyone care about the media now that customers and developers can communicate directly with each other?

    1. …EVO is the largest fighting game tournament in the world, it’s not just some show. Top players gather here and play for prize money. A lot of spectators stream it, yes, but the players don’t.

      It’s not impossible to do this online, but given that the competition in question is a bunch of different fighting games, lag and latency are sure to be an issue. For top-level players, every frame is important, and if a match can’t have a consistent, perfect flow, it could mess up everything from timing moves correctly during combos to the most basic of inputs. The organizers seem to know this. In this case, cancelling is a better idea than trying to go ahead with potentially botched matches.

      1. Oh, hold a moment. The statement says they’re doing it online instead. I missed that at first.

        Well I can only hope the matches all go as smoothly as possible- it certainly won’t be as smooth as it would be if they were doing local play.

    2. You know Evo is a fighting game tournament right? Pretty much has nothing to do with Nintendo Directs.

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