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Analysts: Nintendo Switch may remain hard to find this year due to production issues

Bloomberg has produced an article providing an in-depth look at the manufacturing issues surrounding the Nintendo Switch system during the coronavirus pandemic. Analysts have chimed in to say that they aren’t expecting supply issues to be resolved completely anytime soon and that the Nintendo Switch console could remain hard to find throughout the year. This could prove to be a headache for Nintendo as Sony and Microsoft unleash their new systems later this year.

Rivals Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. plan to introduce new iterations of their consoles later this year, putting pressure on Nintendo to capitalize on the Switch’s popularity before the competition arrives. The Xbox and PlayStation teams source components from other countries and are therefore not affected by these particular lockdowns

“The inventory may recover in the summer, but we may see shortages again toward the year-end because Nintendo wouldn’t be able to produce enough units for the shopping season,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute.


9 thoughts on “Analysts: Nintendo Switch may remain hard to find this year due to production issues”

    1. Postponed or not, there won’t be any games for a year or two. Any significant game will be a dual release on PS4 and 5 so it won’t make sense to invest in a PS5 before 2023.

  1. With the clueless people still existing at team Xbox, Nintendo has nothing to worry about. The Switch is going to sell and it is going to sell a lot. PS5 will always compliment a Switch. The pandemic has introduced it to people that never knew animal crossing was an amazing franchise. Now they know Nintendo makes other top of the hill games lads and lasses. With word of mouth and experience, the Nintendo heavenly existence has been reborn in old and new gamers alike. Zelda breath of the wild 2 is destined to be another million seller, above ten million games sold guaranteed. If the release a Mario Galaxy 3 or odyssey 2, plus a 2D Mario. Just pray you can find a Switch on shelves the next three years.
    Nintendo “ leave luck to heaven.”


  2. They actually had a lot of Switch Lites at my local wal-mart recently. If I was one of those enterprising assholes, I’d snatch em all up and resell them online at a markup.

    I tell ya what, joycons were the hardest thing to find. I’ve had my Switch since launch and my joycons are just knackered. I decided instead of getting a Switch Lite that I’d just buy some new Joy-cons but it took me forever to find a pair.

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