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Capcom says it plans to launch “multiple major new titles” by March 2021

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Capcom has announced that it plans to announce a number of major video games by March 2021 which is sure to excite gamers. The company hasn’t teased which ones these are and for which platforms. It seems reasonable to expect the majority of these for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 with both due to launch at the end of the year. However, hopefully they have some titles in the works for the popular Switch.

10 thoughts on “Capcom says it plans to launch “multiple major new titles” by March 2021”

  1. Chiakalakachikichia

    Give us Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes on Switch and to hell with Capcom. It was my favourite company once…

    1. I feel your pain lol. Capcom are a Luke warm friend. Nintendo always keeps them afloat; kept the company alive by selling monster hunter games like hot cakes for years. Whatever version of Okami, plus resident evil games. Now that the made money with monster hunter casual world on multiplats. They want to make Nintendo an after thought.


  2. Here’s hoping one of them is a Mega Man game for the switch. Maybe Mega Man 12 where two of the playable characters are Mega Man and Bass with the ability to use super adapters, one of the robot masters is Water Man, and another robot master is female. Or Mega Man Powered up 2. Or another Mega Man Battle Network (whether a numbered title or a spin-off) with a net navi counter part for Crash Man. Or a crossover between Mario and Mega Man and not Sonic or any Sega character. Or even Mega Man Legends 3 so the Legends fans can shut up.

    1. Can you blame us? We were literarily lied to by Capcom of the promise of Legends 3, only to have them turn around and take it away. It’s a great series with good story that I feel is sadly underrated. At least Battle Network had a conclusive ending, while Legends is still left with a rough cliffhanger. It’ll always be a long shot, but I hope fans keep shouting out Legends 3 until they give us what we want.

  3. Ultimate Super Buu

    Megaman Battle Network/Starforce Legacy Collection with online support for battles and trading! Or maybe even a brand new Megaman RPG altogether!

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