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Liam Robertson backs up Pikmin 3 for Nintendo Switch rumour

Earlier this week we heard from Venture Beat who reported that the Wii U title Pikmin 3 will be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch system in the form of a remaster. Last night, Liam Robertson chimed in and says that he corroborates the story and that he believes the remaster has been ready for a while now.

18 thoughts on “Liam Robertson backs up Pikmin 3 for Nintendo Switch rumour”

  1. i’m so mad i bought and supported the wiiU it just seems like an obsolete piece of crap now that nintendo abandoned it and robbed it of its treasures without so much of a nod to those of us who tried to keep it alive

    1. π‘΅π’Šπ’π’•π’†π’π’…π’ π‘­π’Šπ’“π’”π’• 𝑢𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓

      It’s not your fault. The problem was people who didn’t bought the console. If the Wii U was a success back then probably the Switch would have came out this or last year.

    2. That’s… Strange. I mean… What are people supposed to do now… Buy a Wii U to play the games they missed?
      Plus Switch has never had the awkward, artistic wonderland that was Miiverse so chin up. We’ll always have the memory of Miiverse.

      Oh and GBA VC games. Seriously… No idea why GBA and DS games were on the Wii U VC and not 3DS.

  2. No thanks- I still have my Wii U and an original copy of Pikmin 3, I’ll stick with that.

    For those that have yet to experience it, I can only hope this rumored port will have additional content- Pikmin 3’s campaign was so short it was upsetting. Fun while it lasted, but upsetting.

  3. I’m sick of Nintendo not talking about Pikmin 4, or even explaining what happened with it. Instead, they keep bringing these other Pikmin games out that nobody really asked for. Pikmin 3 was disappointing. It was FAR too short. It felt like it was only 1/3 (or even 1/4) finished. And I hated the fact that regular treasure collecting was removed in favor of nearly nothing but fruit. Sure, it would be great if they could improve (or even extend) Pikmin 3. But I’d really just prefer Pikmin 4. It’s LONG over due. I only hope Pikmin 4 returns to the regular treasure collecting like in Pikmin 2.

    1. You and I both. That’s why Pikmin 2 was my favorite. I also liked the purple Pikmin over the crystal. In Pikmin 3 they also didnt have enough villains like in Pikmin 2 had.

      And also I liked the fact that only red, blue and yellow were born from onions and you had to toss them in flowers to bring out the special Pikmin. By making them all born from onions, made the game easier.

      And lastly. Bring back the underground dungeons. That was the best part about Pikmin 2. Once you went underground you were cautious of your Pikmin getting killed because you really needed them.

      I 100% agree with you.
      They can also go back to 2 captions over 3. It makes the game harder when you can cover more ground with 2 captions over 3.

      I want my pals Olimar and Louie back.
      Bo offense on Britney or Alph or the Caption. But Olimar is the main character.

  4. Sickr keep me up to date in Pikmin 3 Delux… You are the best. Pikmin is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises!!!

    This is my hope for Pikmin 4 .
    I can see it port Pikmin 3 over to the Switch to get more sales and hopefully their plan is to bring Pikmin 4 soon. Like how they did Luigi’s Mansion on Eshope and later Luigi’s Mansion 3 came out.

  5. I love Pikmin 3. This is probably my favorite franchise. I would have preferred Pikmin 4 but I will buy this again to hold me over.

    I still play Nintendoland with groups. Best party game ever. They should release it as an online game for the switch.

    1. The only reason I am against Nintendoland coming to Switch is because on Wii U that game used the gamepad to its full potential. If it came to Switch they would port it over charge $60.00 with less features.

  6. Liam’s Roberson is a liar he said Pikmin announcement was supposed to be unveiled last week. He is just as big as a liar is Miyomoto talking about Pikmin 4 was nearly complete..

    Moving forward dont bring no more Pikmin info until it is confirmed. I’m tired of the lies.

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