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The four new NES and SNES games now available for Nintendo Switch Online members

Today’s the day when the four Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System games are available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. As previously reported the four games are Wild Guns, Panel de Pon, Operation Logic Bomb, and finally, Rygar. Be sure to update the respective applications to play the new additions to the SNES and NES library on Nintendo Switch.


    1. or DKC trilogy and Mario RPG. I would say some of the old Final Fantasy titles but I doubt Square Enix would allow their more popular rpg titles on there.

      1. I wish they did, but Mario RPG will look great on the SNES software. I don’t know much about final fantasy old games but I’m ok with that being on there.

  1. Am I missing something? “May Game Update” sounds as if they’d update this on a monthly basis. But I can’t even remember when was the last time they added anything here.
    Jesus and I’d love to like their Online efforts more but it seems more and more ridiculous to me.
    Still I guess I might pay another 20 bucks for another year. BUT I’m gonna scratch my head the whole time!!

  2. Again, like someone pointed out before, looks like Wild Guns is gonna be the cream of this crop. Maybe Panel de Pon will be good for awhile too. The other two… I’m sorry, who are you?

  3. Japanese edition of Tetris Attack! oh lord have mercy, that is such an epic and addictive game

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