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New Game+ Expo showcase begins 23rd June with 14 publishers including SEGA

A new video game showcase has been announced today and it is titled the New Game+ Expo and it kicks off on Tuesday, 23rd June. There will be 14 publishers present at the digital event and they include publishers from both North America and Japan. The hour long event will be live-streamed on Twitch at 8am PT / 4pm BST. After that there will be first looks and Q&A sessions which begin at 9am PT / 5pm BST. Here are the companies which will be involved:

“COVID-19 has brought with it many challenges, but also an opportunity to come together as a bold collective of publishers. SEGA is delighted to announce its participation in New Game+ Expo, a new digital tentpole summer event of 14 publishers, joining forces to create a one-of-a-kind showcase event that unifies a special slice of the video game industry. Sega looks forward to joining with our friends at NIS America, Inc., Koei Tecmo America, Spike Chunsoft, Inc., Idea Factory International, Aksys Games, Natsume Inc., Arc System Works America, GungHo America, SNK Corporation, Playism, Acttil, WayForward and Inti Creates to bring all our fans more excitement and entertainment as we move into a busy digital show season! We look forward to entertaining you on June 23. In the meantime, stay safe and GAME ON.”

Ian Curran, COO and President of Sega of America


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  1. I want a Sonic 30th anniversary game with an adventure-style gameplay, time travel, two new hedgehogs, maybe male and female siblings (which will be Sonic’s future children) and A new male echidna (Which will be Knuckles’ future son)

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